What are the fees for the Redotpay Visa card?

Generally, the Redotpay card may include the following fees:

3.Other service

Card Replacement(Redotpay Virtual Card) 10usd 10usd
Card Replacement (Redotpay Physical Card) 100 USD 100 USD

4.ATM Withdrawl

ATM Withdrawl



Additional 1.2% forex fee will be chargecfor foreign currency withdrawal

1.ldentity verification for Hong Kong resident users defaults to a Hong Kong Dollar card.

2.Users with an IP address in Hong Kong default to a Hong Kong Dollar caro

3Residents from other regions default to a US Dollar Card when applying!

Since the specific fee structure may vary depending on the region and service provider, it is advisable to consult the issuer of the Redotpay card or refer to official documentation to obtain the most accurate fee information.

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