redotpay Account Deletion

Q: How do I delete my Redotpay account?
A: To delete your Redotpay account, follow these steps: Go to Account > Security > Account Management > Account Deletion.

Q: If I delete my account, can I recover it later? And can I still use my card after deletion?
A: If you delete your account but log in within 15 days, the deletion request will be canceled, and your account will return to normal. Your card won’t be deleted, but it will be temporarily unavailable. Once your account is restored, your card will be usable again.

Q: Can I verify a new account immediately after deleting my old verified account, or do I need to wait 15 days?
A: The 15-day waiting period is a platform rule that cannot be bypassed. You must wait for 15 days before verifying a new account.


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