Some questions about the RedotPay physical card

RedotPay offers credit cards issued by Visa with both USD and HKD currency options. Hong Kong residents and Hong Kong IP users apply for a HKD card by default, while residents of other regions apply for a USD card. The physical card is red and is not color changeable, nor does it support custom designs.

Both physical and virtual cards are valid for three years. Physical cards can be exchanged for free 90 days before expiration, but postage is required. Virtual cards can be exchanged free of charge. Virtual cards cannot be upgraded to physical cards after purchasing a virtual card, so you need to reapply.

To view your full card number, click on the eye icon on the card page and make sure you do not disclose the card number, expiration date, or CVV, which is a three-digit number on the back of the card that is used to secure your account.

If you are prompted to purchase a card with “insufficient funds available in your account,” check to see if your balance is sufficient. Note that the $5 sign-up bonus can only be used for purchases, not for cards. The virtual card does not have a PIN. The physical card requires a PIN, which can be set via “Card Settings” after activation.


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