What are virtual cards? When are they useful?

Virtual cards are payment tools that exist in digital form without a physical card. They offer similar functionalities and purposes as traditional credit cards but without an actual plastic card.

Virtual cards are particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  1. Online shopping: Virtual cards can be used to securely make purchases online without revealing actual credit card information. This helps reduce fraud risks and protects personal financial security.
  2. Subscription services: Virtual cards can be used for signing up and paying for subscription services such as streaming platforms, membership plans, or other recurring payment services. Users can manage payments flexibly and easily cancel or update subscriptions.
  3. Temporary payments: If you need to make a one-time payment or require a credit card for temporary use, virtual cards serve as a convenient option. You can generate a virtual card number to complete specific payments without worrying about long-term usage or security issues.
  4. International transactions: For international transactions, virtual cards provide a safer and more convenient payment method. You can use virtual cards for cross-border payments without concerns about currency conversion or other international payment complications.

Overall, virtual cards are flexible and secure payment tools suitable for various online transaction scenarios. They offer convenience, privacy protection, and security, empowering users to make digital payments with confidence.


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