To apply for a RedotPay virtual card using a 20% promo code (PH20OFF)

To apply for a RedotPay virtual card, follow these steps:

Redotpay Virtual card Promo Code :PH20OFF
Redotpay Virtual card Promo Code :PH20OFF
  1. Download and install the RedotPay mobile application or visit the official RedotPay website.
  2. Register for a RedotPay account: Limited-time promotion offers $5 upon registration.
  3. Complete the identity verification (KYC) process. If you are in Mainland China, you can choose Veilhub to provide RedotPay KYC services.
  4. Once you have passed the KYC verification, you can proceed with applying for a virtual card.
  5. Navigate to the card section of the app or website, select the virtual card option, and click on “Apply Card” to submit your application.
  6. Use the RedotPay discount code (PH20OFF) during the application process to avail a 20% discount on your RedotPay virtual card.
  7. After the successful application, you can view and manage your card details on the card page, including setting payment limits, freezing the card, viewing monthly statements, and customizing the card name.


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